Cathy Beggan: A Woman Who Promotes Wellness

Cathy Beggan When it comes to sustaining wellness, people don’t need to spend lots of dollars. With affordable products, there is a chance to attain healthy living without looking at the budget. It is true that we are now living in the digital era where most aspects of life are done instantly and conveniently. If we will talk about health, is it reasonable to depend on the equipment and painful surgeries?  There is a woman who will make you realize the importance of natural products. She is Cathy Beggan, the founder and head of Rise-N-Shine, LLC. As the President of the company, she makes sure that everything is the proper place. She is an epitome of leadership because of her dedication to lead the other employees.

Cathy Beggan believes that “natural” is still better than “artificial’. With this concept, her company offers supplements that have no side effects for the body. She understands that health is a valuable field. She uses his position in spreading high quality products to the public. Instead of merely building wealth, her concern for the consumers is still evident.

“Wake Up on Time” is a very popular product manufactured by Rise-N-Shine. With its ability to boost healthy living, there’s no wonder that it captured the interest of everyone. When you take the pill, its effect is just like the alarm clock. A person will wake up on the expected time frame. After launching an effective product, Cathy Beggan was never tired of serving the loyal customers. She puts extra effort in manufacturing additional products that will solve specific problems aligned with health. In the recent time, Rise-N-Shine is enjoying fame with its 30 nutritional supplements.

Cathy Beggan is sincere whenever she helps people. She does not perform her duties just for show. As an individual, she is really dedicated on sharing what she knows. Instead of hiding her potentials, she prefers to spread the competencies within her. Cathy explores what the industry could offer and grabs the opportunities that come. She doesn’t want to miss a chance to improving the products she initially launched. As another day comes, she learns new things and keeps them alive.

Aside from being part of Rise-N-Shine, Cathy Beggan is also part of “So…You Think You Can Host” which is a radio show. With her career in the industry, we can say that she is indeed versatile. Whatever break is entrusted to her, Cathy can always adapt to the situation. This woman is highly skilled in marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, media relations, nutrition, leadership, email marketing, blogging, fitness, copywriting, event planning, wellness, and online marketing. NAWBO is an organization where Cathy shares his time and abilities. She is also connected with Innovations in health, Breaking Fitness News, Rejuvenation, Diversity, Mashable, LightHearted Medicine, and more. Most of these groups are in line with assisting health. This proves that Cathy is really interested regarding issues about well-being.

Cathy BegganLet’s talk about her education. Cathy Beggan is also equipped with wide knowledge related with her career. He studied at William Paterson University (New Jersey) where she completed her course in business administration. By simply looking at her educational background, we can say that she is indeed suitable for leading Rise-N-Shine and other companies. She is passionate about introducing high quality products for the benefit of the public.

Cathy Beggan is someone you can admire in the industry. With her commitment to provide worthy service, she is indeed an asset to the companies where she works. Through going back to her past journey, you will see that she invested in making herself competent. Cathy Beggan must be your buddy when it comes to health.